Récap summer 2022





I introduce myself to Hard Sinister. I am a young DJ and remixer/ producer from Belgium.

My story began with the programming of a festival called the Chimay Spring Festival in 2019. The idea came to me when I realized that there was a lack of "Hardstyle" artists in the south of Belgium at that time before "hardmusic" took off.
This kind of music is a style that I appreciate a lot since my childhood, so I decided to start under this name. I have already been able to mix in various events such as village festivals, open air, parties and even festivals of Wallonia but also in France.
To find my name I was inspired by the time and the Belgian meteo. Indeed in Belgium this one being unstable, the idea of the sinister came to me and I directly had the name to recall it in this style of music.
So I called myself "Hard Sinister".

I started to develop remixes of known songs and even edits of "retro house" songs to bring them back to the taste of the day. With time and the evolution of my preferences in the hard world, my performances found a rather fast tempo! So I started creating my own uptempo kick to use in my remixes.

With covid I had time to prepare and improve my DJ set musically and visually when a LED screen allows me to share my universe to the public with my visual identity.